Pro-School Choice “Bully Bill” Passes Florida State House & State Senate

Republican legislators vote to expand School choice in Florida. This time under the topic of bullying.

One of the measures provides scholarships for public-school students who are bullied by other students.

The parents would be able to use tax-payers dollars to transfer the student to a private school.

The school choice expansion is opposed by Florida Democrats. Florida Sen. Gary Farmer, D-Fort Lauderdale said, ”why are we expanding these vouchers, while we’re starving our public schools?”

But Florida Republicans reject that notion. They argue the new state budget would provide record increases on school spending around $21 billion.

Florida State Senate Passes Gun Measure

The Florida State Senate passed a bill that creates new gun restrictions by raising the age of a purchaser from 18 to 21 on rifle sales. Even those that would not be deemed, “assault-style rifles.”
Also puts into law a 3 day waiting period.

Pro-gun proponents aren’t happy with the bill. Some say the only decent thing about the proposal is that it would allow some school personnel and teachers to be armed.

Also, gun proponents feel fortunate because days after the Parkland Florida school shooting, some republicans were flirting with the idea of banning certain “assault weapons.” But they measure was defeated.

Several Florida Democrats opposed the bill by stating gun control measure didn’t go far enough and said they were not happy with the idea of allowing teachers to carry guns.

Billions Lost In The U.S. Post Office

The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) says they have a loss of $2.7 billion for fiscal year 2017.

This is the 11th straight year the USPS has suffered billions of dollars in losses. reported that the reasons the USPS has been in the red is because they have been lacking in controlling employing cost and the USPS’ latest $4.1 billion in unpaid employee retirement related expenses are factored into their losses.

Another big one, is the Government retired pension plan for the USPS workers. This is a major concern because $121 billion in unfunded liabilities was reported earlier this year by Government Accountability Office.

Liberals Turning On Bill Clinton???

Alabama U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore has had several women come forward and accused him of sexual misconduct.

Many have said Moore should step down even those with in the Republican party have called him to step aside.

Over the last several days, some people are claiming there’s been a doubled standard on this issue. People are asking why Moore should step aside without any proof, yet former President Bill Clinton was accused by several females and the left and the media tried to discredit his accusers

But this might be changing. Over the last week, several commentators on T.V. has been mentioning this very point.
Chuck Todd, host of NBC “Meet The Press” asked the question, “how come all these people that were upset about (sexual allegations) against Donald Trump, were not upset about Bill Clinton?”

Charlie Cook from the Cook Political Report, said on ABC’s “This Week” on the issue of sexual allegation, that the rules changed starting with Bill Clinton. has a piece saying Bill Clinton-should-have-resigned.

MSNBC host Chris Hayes said there is “a real reckoning” with the very real possibility that Bill Clinton raped Juanita Broaddrick nearly 40 years ago.

Chelsea Handler tweeted an apology to Juanita Broaddrick.

New York Times Columnist Michelle Goldberg wrote an OP-ED entitled “I BELIEVE JUANITA.”

Gov. Rick Scott Launches $180 Million In Tax Cuts And Fees.

Gov. Scott’s proposed fee and tax cuts have merit, especially on the reducing of fee’s that hit taxpayers DIRECTLY in the wallet.

The Governor wants to reduce the renewal fees for regular driver’s licenses Currently they are at $48 dollars, under Scott’s proposal it would drop to just $20 bucks. Fees for first-time licenses would also drop from $48 to $27.

Also, reducing the fee on commercial driver’s licenses from $75 to $67, while making a 18 percent reduction on traffic-citation fees for motorists who attend a basic driver- improvement school.

The Governor also wants a 10-day back-to-school sales tax “holiday” on clothes and school supplies and three weeks of disaster preparedness tax “holidays” in May, June and July.

Florida Poll Shows President Trumps Approval Numbers Are Up In Florida. But Barely.

A Florida Atlantic University Poll finds 41 % Florida voters approve of President Trump’s performance, while 47% disapprove.

His numbers have improved, but barely.

71% of Florida Republicans say they like Trumps performance, 20% disapprove.

Among Florida Democrats, only 8% approve of Trump’s job performance and 81 %

No Party Affiliation/Independent voters, 44% approved and 41% disapproved.

Poll: Florida Approval Ratings of President Trump & Gov. Scott.

University of North Florida poll shows 37 percent of Florida voters approve of President Donald Trump’s job performance.

72 percent of Republicans approve of Trump’s performance but just 33 percent of independents and six percent of Democrats.

But unlike Trump, Florida Gov. Rick Scott enjoys much higher approval numbers.

59 percent of voters give thumbs up to Scotts’ job performance.

Suprisingly, 40 percent of Democrats approved of Scott’s performance in the poll.

Florida Democrats May Go After Florida Private Schools.

Florida State House Democrat Rep. Kamia Brown, said she’s been appalled for years about the lack of regulations private schools do not have to participate in.

Brown says, “If accountability is so important in the public school system and we don’t want to be lax on their accountability, why is it not enough for charter schools or voucher schools?”

Florida Democrats for years have been complaining about “schools of choice.”

Unions have lost at the courts on the issue of school choice. The Florida legislature passed the “schools of hope” bill allowing more tax-payers dollars to fund charter schools in replace of D and F grade failing public school.

May be what school board districts, unions and democrats need to do, is besides complain about the lack of regulation on schools of choice, they should fight for more DE-REGULATION on traditional public school and copy the success of school choice and apply it to public schools.

This all stemmed from a story by the Orlando Sentinel, where the paper uncovered how some Florida private schools “could submit” (future tense) job applications by hiring hire teachers with criminal backgrounds and sometimes without Florida Department of Education officials noticing for years.

Florida Law Banning Texting and Driving????

Florida lawmakers want to make texting while driving a primary traffic offense in Florida.

Currently, Florida law bans texting while driving, but the ban is only a secondary offense.

For example, a motorist to be ticketed, one would have to be pulled over for other reasons, such as speeding.

But the idea of banning texting while driving is already under scrutiny.

Here are a few:

What about hands-free of wireless devices of voice texting and other devices?

What about drivers on the road watching movies, scrolling through music playlists, applying makeup or even reading books?

One Florida House proposal, would double fines for texting while driving in a school zone or through a school crossing.

Already, more than 20 counties and nearly 30 cities have approved resolutions in support of making texting while driving a primary offense.

Removing Confederate Monuments, This Time In St. Augustine


A Civil War memorial that commemorates an area soldier who served and died in the Confederate Army is now front and center in a debate for it to be removed.

The monument isn’t really doesn’t say anything about the Confederacy, but lists names of those who died in the Civil War.

Why target the city of St. Augustine? Nobody knows.

But the Rev. Ron Rawls, of the St. Paul AME Church, says he wanted to get the dialogue started for removing the memorial. But the Rev. wasn’t specific on his reasons why he wanted to have the memorial removed.

City Manager John Regan says, “This monument is very specific — a memorial to fallen soldiers.”
Regan also said, “I don’t think the answer for us to improve the social condition in St. Augustine is to remove (the memorial) it.”

And he may be just be correct.