How to listen to WBOB on your Alexa

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How to listen to WBOB on your Alexa

These voice activated speakers are truly amazing. Makes me feel like I’m living in a science fiction movie! You can literally say

“Alexa, please play WBOB from Tune In”

Substitute whatever you choose to call your device and it will work the same.

Perhaps the easiest way to listen to your favorite talk radio!


THE WBOB Straw Poll

The Salem Centre

7235 Bonneval Rd
Jacksonville, FL 32256

Bi-Partisan poll administered by The Supervisor of Elections Office

Hosted by Ed Dean and Kent Justice from News 4 Jax

The states first straw poll



Could Fluctuating Pro-Sports Viewership Correlate with Divorce Rates?

If political protests on the football field are in the rearview mirror, some analysts predict an eventual resurgence in viewership, attendance and merchandising. With many football enthusiasts considering televised pro sports sacred to at least one spouse, a ratings-rebound seems destined to return.

But what happens when the love for sports begin to outweigh the affinity for a spouse? Marriages may begin to pay the price. Some say this “price” can be a contributing factor to the rate of divorce or separation. Others disagree, asserting that baseball, football and pro-sports are the very fabric of a healthy environment that strengthens families. Whether watching from home or attending the home-game right after church, a happy American household includes such iconic activities.

Despite these contrasting views, divorce rates cannot be accurately calculated using most methods of study; in fact, most divorce statistics can be misleading, because they use irregular methods to calculate the numbers.

Attorney Kenny Leigh of Florida’s largest family law firm said the mistake some social scientists who report such data make is using short-term studies, comparing the amount of marriages to the amount of divorces within that short time period.

“The most popular false statistic is that 50% of marriages in America end in divorce. The reasoning is that within a given year, the given number of new marriages is something like 220,000, while the number of divorces finalized is something like 110,000.” Said Leigh. “The problem with this statistic is that it only calculates one year’s worth of data, and most divorces are not from the marriages that take place within the same year. The true statistic can only be found through a long-term study that would begin with a large sample number of marriages, and would then track which of these ended in divorce within the lifetime, not within the year.” Leigh added.

Kenny Leigh’s firm has 9 law offices serving the Florida metro areas of Tampa, Ft Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Jacksonville, Fleming Island, Gainesville, Pensacola, Ft Walton Beach and Ormond Beach, with attorneys specializing in protecting the rights of men in divorce cases.

Leigh says he cares deeply about the wellbeing of his firm’s clients. So much so that he authored a popular book revealing advice to men going through a divorce, entitled Bounce Back: Tips to Help Men Navigate Family Law.  In this book, Kenny Leigh says:

“Even the strongest marriages require effort to remain intact. However, when keeping matrimony together becomes hopeless, it may be time to examine the possibility of ending it. Most men have the best long-term intentions when saying ‘I do’ and don’t get hitched frivolously; therefore, paying attention to certain signals is important—particularly when those signs are pointing men toward a divorce.”

Here are 7 warning flags signaling that you might need a divorce lawyer specializing in men’s rights and that your marriage is in the two-minute warning:

Neutral Zone Infraction

In theory, marriage is meant to be a partnership. One half may have certain responsibilities while the other half keeps up their end of the marital bargain by fulfilling other duties. In a healthy, functional marriage, whatever the designated division of labor comes down to, it works in favor of both parties. However, when a marriage meant to be a duet becomes a solo, it’s a huge tip-off that marital expectations are off-balance. Someone will be pulling more weight than the other, a scenario that is almost always sure to lead to disappointment and resentment; adding those two negative feelings together can easily equal divorce.

Defensive Holding

In a working marriage, spouses can typically use effective methods to communicate with one another in positive ways. It may require some patience, maturity and selflessness, but the effort pays off when the marital rift is bridged. Marriages are doomed when spouses either lack the ability or desire to find a way to work things out. Even if one partner tries to patch things up, marriage can’t survive on one person’s effort. It takes two to pull through, but it only takes one unwilling (or incapable) spouse to put the kibosh on the union. When this occurs to men, it can be especially difficult. The best thing to do is research the local divorce lawyers in your state, such as the Florida men-only attorneys at

False Start

When people decide to get married, starting a family is a common goal. After all, having children is often the reason many couples decide to jump the broom in the first place. So, when one spouse wants kids, but the other does not, it can be a deal breaker. While agreeing on such a fundamental desire is highly advisable before getting married, a person could also change their minds about wanting kids after vows are exchanged, too. However, if the other spouse is not on the same, child-free page, divorce could be imminent. If for nothing else, it gives the other spouse an opportunity to find a different type of relationship where family values – whether it includes children or not – are the same.

Personal Foul

Infidelity is one of the biggest banes of sturdy unions and can wreak destruction on marriages. Some couples have the ability to weather the storm, but it often takes a great deal of work, honesty and repaired trust to heal the marriage. However, the road back to stability is sometimes futile and can cause more harm than good. Trust is something that is difficult to reestablish, particularly if one spouse has cheated more than once or the fallout from an extramarital affair has heavy consequences.

Delay of Game

Most people experience change as they go through life, learning how to adapt to new circumstances and becoming wiser for it. Marriage doesn’t prevent this type of growth, nor should it. However, when two people begin to evolve in different directions, it may mean their journey together has come to an end. This is one of the bittersweet reasons that divorce may become inevitable. Positive change for the better is beautiful, but it can mean going separate ways.

Concussion Protocol

Sustaining a marriage probably means taking a few hits from life. However, there is such a thing as a marriage taking too much of a beating and not being able to withstand anymore blows. There are many reasons a marriage could buckle. Addiction, infidelity, finances, bitterness, and other potential factors. Sometimes, it just becomes too much baggage and it may be healthier to just move on.

2-Minute Warning

If you suspect that your marriage is in trouble and headed for divorce, know that you are not alone. Whether or not you’ve come to a decision about ending your marriage, it is important that you be prepared and understand your legal options. Research your local divorce lawyers, such as the Florida men-only attorneys at Kenny Leigh & Associates, and get ahead of divorce before it gets ahead of you.