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Episode 32 Are you better off today than in 2016?
Does it matter if the whistle-blower remains anonymous?
Will millennials go to the polls in 2020?
Half of younger Americans say college is unimportant to achieve success.
Episode 31 UNF poll says Jacksonville supports school sales tax increase, like Sheriff Mike Williams and Gov. Desantis.
Jacksonville Civil Council says JEA’s move to privatize is not transparent enough.
Episode 30 Ukraine- Why foreign aid at all when we have domestic needs?
Women voters like Trump’s performance as President but hate his demeanor.
2020 voter turnout predictions.
Episode 29 Presidential campaign
Obamacare or medicare for all
Gun auctions at schools
Unhealthy food marketing to children
Episode 28 ABC News anchor believes Jeffrey Epstein was murdered
Will Hillary Clinton run for President in 2020?
A new Jaguars stadium
Episode 27 Man on the street: Should Trump be impeached for no reason? Yes!
Polls in swing states favor Trump
Do Conservative pundits lie to you?
Liberal city blocks becoming sanctuary community
Episode 26 Economy is better than predicted-
Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried wants gun owners to get training every 5 years .
Episode 25 Coastal Florida under water in 30 years? –
Obama tells college students to become more moderate –
Is President Trump losing female support?
Episode 24 Investigate the impeachment investigators – Is the First Amendment Outdated?
The Ed Dean Song- Happiest Behind the Mic
Episode 23 E-Verify migrant workers – Electric car rebates –
Congress wasn’t given advance notice on Abū Bakr al-Baghdadi special ops mission
Episode 22 Pay for student athletes – Federal marijuana laws not enforced in Florida
Episode 21 Parents’ right to know on abortions – Are black pumpkins racist – Drug testing at school – Impeachment poll in swing states
Episode 20 Should Facebook fact check political ads – Ban smoking in parks – Wages are up
Episode 19 Can states charge illegal immigrants with ID theft –
Trump Dept. of Ed. pushes school choice
Episode 18 Federal Court says Fl Felons can vote – Hillary says Gabbard is a Russian asset
Episode 17 Ohio Debate – Turkey and the Kurds – Medicare For All
Episode 16 The “City” of Mandarin? – Impeachment of President Trump
Episode 15 Will city government be responsible with money from the sale of JEA?
Episode 14 Government spending – Social Security – Kids and allowance
Episode 13 Supreme Court – Teacher Raises – E-Cigarettes
Episode 12 Paying College Athletes – Conservation Everglades – Catholic Priests Marrying.
Episode 11 Pride Parade – Open Carry – Unemployment – Whistle Blower II –JEA For Sale?
Episode 10 Tort Reform
Episode 9 Gun Control
Episode 8 suing for the school tax – transgender Barbie – open carry guns at city parks
Episode 7 paying college athletes – guns at school – school choice
Episode 6 Decriminalizing Pot – Gag Order on Selling JEA – Charter Schools

Episode 5 Ukraine and Red Flag laws

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