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Saturdays 1pm-2pm

Tune in on Saturdays at 1pm on 600AM/100.3FM The Answer to listen to Jacksonville’s premier wellness expert – Dr. Rafael Foss B.S.,D.C. teach you and your family about the most important steps we all must take to ensure optimal health. It’s no secret that a high percentage of Americans struggle with their weight on a constant basis. According to the National Institute of Health, more than 2 out of 3 adults in the U.S. are considered to be overweight or obese. Obesity can rob you of your vitality, energy and more importantly – years off your life. That is why Dr. Foss made the decision to bring the most revolutionary weight loss program ever developed, NutriMost, to the First Coast area. Tune in to hear Dr. Foss explain why your struggles with weight gain may not be your fault and how countless lives have been transformed for good through the use of this program.

About Dr. Foss:

For nearly ten years Dr. Foss has been a distinguished leader and educator in the field of health and nutrition. His emphasis on educating others has influenced the ongoing health of many in a powerful way.

Today, Dr. Foss has expanded his thriving practice to also include a revolutionary weight loss program here in Jacksonville, FL that is powerfully impacting the lives of people and ushering in a new opportunity for individuals to win the incessant weight loss battle.

“Our program uses breakthrough technology to help us develop a comprehensive individualized plan of care to get and keep the individual well for a lifetime. I have learned through my experience that human beings are all genetically designed to be healthy and it is our choices in life that determine our well being and how long we will live on this planet.

My health and my family’s health is the greatest asset that we have. We realize the importance of building your health through proper lifestyle choices. Because of that we know we have the amazing healing power within our minds and bodies and that we just have to supply it with genetically raw materials needed.”

Transforming lives is why Dr. Foss and his wife Alina are promoting the NutriMost message in Jacksonville, FL. They want to see more lives dramatically improved through doctor supervised weight loss and nutritional education. They take great pleasure in helping people become healthier, live longer, and experience more fulfillment in life and are very pleased to make this opportunity available to the greater Jacksonville Florida community.


  • Saturday - 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm