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Bill is part of a long list of family members who have made Jacksonville their home. In fact, his current residence was built by his grandfather in 1899. Bill’s father is credited as one of the longest serving employees in Jacksonville’s history; with 60 years as an engineer in the Public Works Department. This gave Bill a unique opportunity as a young man to see government in action and to meet, first hand, the forefathers of our consolidated city.

After graduating from Sandalwood High School, Bill left Jacksonville to attend college at The Florida Institute of Technology and pursue a career as an Engineer. Hired by Lockheed Aerospace Corp. as a Systems Integration Engineer, Bill was hands on with many of the Ground Support Systems for the Space Shuttle program. Bill eventually formed his own corporation to consult to NASA on ground support equipment, Skypro Aviation Industries, as which he is still CEO.

Not wanting to be far from Jacksonville, he returned here to the family home in 2001 and plans to remain here for the foreseeable future. He has since opened two other businesses; Skypro Tree and Skypro Executive Air.

Bill is a member of The American Society of Mechanical Engineers, The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, and The Helicopter Association International. He enjoys flying, SCUBA diving, skydiving, fishing and of course; political activism.


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