Lighthouse Retirement Hour

Lighthouse Retirement Hour

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About the Show

Clarity. Simplicity. Security. Guidance.

Someone who can help to make sense of it all. These are often the elements lacking when navigating the waters of finance.
Without proper guidance, the journey to financial freedom can be difficult, confusing, and can prevent you from achieving your long term goals. Whether you are looking to plan for retirement or working toward financial independence, wanting to safely and securely grow your net worth, or protect everything you’ve worked to accomplish, with the myriad of choices, where do you start?

You start with a firm that values relationships over transactions.

A firm that believes in clients being people with goals and aspirations that are more than just numbers on a balance sheet. A well educated firm with a strong, established reputation, and a lifelong commitment to excellence. A firm that takes the time to work with you to establish your goals, develop a plan, and guide you through the often uncertain waters – ensuring that you are given the opportunity to turn today’s financial decisions into tomorrow’s financial legacy.

A firm like Martin D. Parlato & Associates, LLC..

We have a passionate commitment to delivering clear, and concise information, Martin D. Parlato & Associates, LLC. has built a solid foundation of long term relationships with high, and ultra-high net-worth clients. At Martin D. Parlato & Associates, LLC. , Our mission is simple: To alleviate the fears which prevent you from being your best and increase your level of peace of mind. Our ultimate goal is to Plan to Succeed to achieve greater financial harmony in all seasons….at all times. Through the principles of trust, clear, open communication and commitment, we help to guide our clients along their life long journey – helping to plan, protect, grow, and distribute their legacies. It is said that financial freedom is a journey, not a destination.