Confederate Monuments in Jacksonville to be taken down

The Jacksonville Progressive Coalition, the group that brought you the local HRO bill (local legislation expanding special rights for transgender individuals here in Jacksonville) are now wanting the Jax city council to remove a 120 year old Confederate monument in Hemming Park. The group says the monument is a symbol of white supremacy.

This group says, ““This hate, we have to confront it. If we don’t, it won’t go away.”

Huh? What hate? Where? What form of medical marijuana was this guy smoking when he made this comment to the local news station? Is there not any important issues in Jax that this goup can really focus on? Like Crime, Pension funding, beach renourishment, new toll roads going up, local schools?

Has things become so bad for liberals that they have to go on “rogue issues” because they can’t seem to grasp local issues that matter to citizens back pockets.

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