Duval School Board Says YES, To Sue The State Over Charter School Funding.

The Duval County School Board voted in favor of 4-2 to join 10 other districts to sue the state over education money that will go to local (Jacksonville) charter schools.

The bill is House Bill 7069, better known as the “Schools of Hope Bill.” The legislation would allow education funding from low performing schools that haven’t improved, to be directed to local charter schools.

Duval School board members say the problem with this bill is that local charter schools aren’t regulated like government public schools.

But according to National education websites and the Florida Department of Education, those in charter schools outperform on grades and college entrance exams than those that attend traditional public schools.

So instead of complaining that charter schools should be regulated like public schools, maybe members of the Duval School Board should lobby the state to have LESS REGULATION so this way they could compete for student dollars.

Major kudos to School Board members Scott Shine and Ashley Smith Juarez who voted against joining the lawsuit.

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