Florida City Threatens Lawsuit Against Florida Power Company For Moving Too Slow On Power Restoration.

The city of Coral Gables is suing Florida Power & Light on behalf of all Florida residents who were without — and some who remain without — electricity after Hurricane Irma.

The lawsuit claims FPL didn’t follow through with power coming on as quickly as it should.
The city of Coral Gables recently threatened legal action in a letter to FPL, saying the company has been slow to act.

But FPL says the lawsuit is ludicrous.

The company put a press release claiming the city of Coral Gables resisted FPL’s well-documented efforts to trim trees and harden our electric system.

“Unfortunately for our customers in that area, they are now paying the price in terms of extended outages due to hundreds of trees that have fallen into our lines,” says the power company.

But is Coral Gables and other elected leaders wrong for criticizing power companies because power to come on fast enough to the city’s liking?

Even here in Jacksonville, some elected officials complained that JEA moved to slow to restore power.
Coral Gables officials says their claims is based on fact.

The city says, “Natural disasters such as Hurricane Irma are indeed beyond FPL’s control but this event was a foreseeable storm where FPL received over a week in advance notice of its potential impact on its facilities, yet FPL did nothing to prepare for the coming storms.”

Cities like Coral Gables and others are wrong for this suit. If the cities would stop being so politically correct on “environmental beautification” and allow the power companies to trim tree lines, access to restoring power wouldn’t take long at all after a hurricane.

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