Florida Democrat U.S. Senator Bill Nelson, Changes his Tune On Confederate Monuments

Confederate monuments may be an issue in the 2018 Florida U.S. Senate race between Gov. Rick Scott and incumbent U.S. Senator Bill Nelson.

On removing monuments, Scott has been rather smart and said that this should not be a state issue, rather it should be left for local communities to decide.

Democrat Bill Nelson had agreed with that position, but not anymore.

A day after saying that decisions on Confederate monuments should be left to “communities,” Sen. Nelson changed his stance.

He now says that confederate statues belong in a historical museum or cemetery, not in a place of honor.
Just a couple of notes. First off. Statues not in a place of honor? Then what do you call Museums or well-known cemeteries?

Secondly, why did the Senator quickly change his tune? Who got to him?

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