Florida Democrats May Go After Florida Private Schools.

Florida State House Democrat Rep. Kamia Brown, said she’s been appalled for years about the lack of regulations private schools do not have to participate in.

Brown says, “If accountability is so important in the public school system and we don’t want to be lax on their accountability, why is it not enough for charter schools or voucher schools?”

Florida Democrats for years have been complaining about “schools of choice.”

Unions have lost at the courts on the issue of school choice. The Florida legislature passed the “schools of hope” bill allowing more tax-payers dollars to fund charter schools in replace of D and F grade failing public school.

May be what school board districts, unions and democrats need to do, is besides complain about the lack of regulation on schools of choice, they should fight for more DE-REGULATION on traditional public school and copy the success of school choice and apply it to public schools.

This all stemmed from a story by the Orlando Sentinel, where the paper uncovered how some Florida private schools “could submit” (future tense) job applications by hiring hire teachers with criminal backgrounds and sometimes without Florida Department of Education officials noticing for years.

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