Florida Democrats support their “New Better Deal” Plan

Last week, national Democrats along with members of the Florida Democratic Party released on what they call for a new agenda entitled a New Better Deal.

It calls for Better Jobs, Better Wages, Better Future, a bold economic agenda that works for all Americans to bring higher wages, lower costs and the tools Americans need to succeed.

Just one thing, there’s nothing new on what the democrats are proposing. It’s still tax the rich, spend more money, attack business and have a $15-hour minimum wage.

Also, they haven’t even explained the specifics on how they want to achieve this goal.
Even the media criticized the democrats’ plan.

Chris Wallace, host of Fox News Sunday, was interviewing democratic minority leader Nancy Pelosi and called her out and said,” we’ve heard this (plan) before.”

Politico.com article said, “Democrats snub new party message.” The Atlantic posted, “Democrats Struggle to Sell Their Better Deal.”

The democrats act like their proposal is new, but let’s be honest, we have seen this movie before.

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