Florida Democrats Top Issue? Going After Confederate History.

Taking down confederate monuments was just the beginning.

Then it was renaming streets and schools of named after confederate soldiers. Now it’s do away with legal recognize Florida holidays that are related with the confederate past.

South Florida Democratic State legislator, Lauren Book, has proposed legislation that would eliminate Confederate Memorial Day from a list of legal holidays that are included in Florida state law.
There are 21 legal holidays that are recognized by the state of Florida as legal holidays. April 26th, Confederate Memorial Day is on that list.

But Book’s proposal doesn’t go that far, YET!

Her bill would still recognize allow the birthdays of Robert E. Lee on Jan. 19 and the birthday of Jefferson Davis on June 3, to be recognized.

Just recently, Former DNC chairwoman and current South Florida Congress woman Debbie Wasserman Schultz called on Florida lawmakers to have a special session to remove a statue of a Confederate general selected to represent Florida in Washington, D.C.

And locally, Jacksonville Democrats decided to have a voter registration drive entitled, “Rally to Register” on the back of the tragedy that took place in Charlottesville, VA

Democrats leaders said the emergency of the voter drive was to respond what happened in Charlottesville and to fight hate with hope.

With all the important issues like the environment, education, local budget, healthcare and tax reform, this is the best the democrats have? Going after items related to something that happened over a 150 years ago?

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