Florida Law Banning Texting and Driving????

Florida lawmakers want to make texting while driving a primary traffic offense in Florida.

Currently, Florida law bans texting while driving, but the ban is only a secondary offense.

For example, a motorist to be ticketed, one would have to be pulled over for other reasons, such as speeding.

But the idea of banning texting while driving is already under scrutiny.

Here are a few:

What about hands-free of wireless devices of voice texting and other devices?

What about drivers on the road watching movies, scrolling through music playlists, applying makeup or even reading books?

One Florida House proposal, would double fines for texting while driving in a school zone or through a school crossing.

Already, more than 20 counties and nearly 30 cities have approved resolutions in support of making texting while driving a primary offense.

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