Florida Students Will Get More Money, But Local Taxpayers Will Flip The Bill.

The Florida State Board of Education has approved a $200 per-student boost in the K-12 system for 2018-2019 budget. Funding also increases funding for the 28 state colleges and construction money for public schools, colleges and universities.

The education budget is $21.4 billion. The request is a $770 million increase. Just one problem, the majority of the funding $534 million, coming from local property taxes. Which means local school boards will have less money.
With this unfunded mandate coming from Tallahassee, means this gives school boards the opportunity to raise property taxes.

The budget request will also include $140 million for the new “schools of hope” program, which doles out money to help students in low-performing public schools and provides financial incentives for the creation of nearby charter schools.

The Schools of Hope bills a decent bill. But the Republicans in Tallahassee that brag about local control for education should put the practice into reality.

Unfortunately, more money does not prove better results.

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