Here we go again!!!! Another local Transgender student wants to use boys bathroom

Drew Adams, originally born as a female, is now “masquerading” as a boy at Nease high school in St. Augustine Fl.

A 16-year-old transgender student and his mother are suing the St. Johns County School Board because he was told he had to use a gender neutral restroom at Nease High School, the boy’s attorney announced Wednesday.

Drew and his mom want to sue the St. John County Public Board because the school district told him he couldnt use the boys bathroom, but instead had to use the gender neutral bathroom. But that was enough to please the transgender student.

“Drew” says, “It makes me sad to be told that they don’t want to treat me like all the other kids in school.”

The probem with this argument is Drew chooses not to be like other kids attebding his school. Instead he chooses to be different and wants special priviledges.
Drew’s mother, Erica Adams Kasper, said she wants her son to have the same rights as other students. You mean”special rights.”

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