Jacksonville’s Trinity Christian Academy wants its students to sign a no-kneeling contract.

Jacksonville’s Trinity Christian Academy is taking the initiative on dealingwith students and kneeling down as in protest to the national anthem.

The local christian achool wants its students to sign a no-kneeling contract.

The contract states that students would stand at sporting events during the playing of the national anthem out of respect for the flag.

Now of course all of this comes down on the heels of what has been in happening in the NFL.

And this story isn’t brand new. Manatee County School District on the west coast of Florida had been thinking about passing a resolution that says students must stand at attention during the national anthem at any school sanctioned sports program.

But this brings up several questions. If the school oversees it’s sporting events and students must ALREADY abide by the school’s code of conduct and behavior, then why must there be a contract on this issue?

What’s next? The school is going to have a contract with its students where the contract says that students must bow their head before prayer?

That should already be a given. If we are now getting into the business that everything the school mandates or requires must be done in a written contract, then we have problem.

Parents with students attending Trinity Christian Academy said they were frustrated that they weren’t notified about the contract before the students signed it.

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