Liberals Wanting To Remove Confederate monuments In Jacksonville, Now Going After Schools

We told you all week, that removing confederate monuments from public property was just the beginning from liberal groups.

Now, Occupy Jacksonville wants to take it further. Members of the group says any names on Duval County Public Schools that have any link to the confederacy, need to be changed.

Jacksonville currently has at least seven schools whose names are tied to the Confederacy.

J.E.B. Stuart Middle
Kirby-Smith Middle
Jefferson Davis Middle
Robert E. Lee High
Stonewall Jackson Elementary
Andrew Jackson High
Joseph Finegan Elementary

The groups says the schools should be re-named after more positive individuals and have positive influences.

But those that opposes the name change say won’t help matters.

Save Southern Heritage Florida says by changing a school name does not make anyone smarter. The group also says what really needs to be taught is history and the truth about what happened in the war between the states.”

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