MoveOn.Org Targets Congressman Ron DeSantis.

The crazies from recently held their OWN town-hall meeting. They claim Northeast Florida Congressman Ron DeSantis isn’t planning to hold town halls with local voters during the August recess.

The organizers dub this event as part of their “Resistance Summer” tour.

They say the will hold Congressman DeSantis accountable on a variety of including his support for Trumpcare. Attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act, an escalating the situation with North Korea.

The left-wing group isn’t shy about what issues they want to see accomplished.

A Congressional investigation into the Trump/Russia scandal, Bernie Sanders Medicare for All, as well as stand up for immigration.

The group believes that Democrat Party is too soft on several of these issues and if they would take a harder position, as in more to the left, then Democrats will be victorious.

Ya! So far, this year, the left wingers, have been 0-4 for congressional victories. How’s that left-wing agenda working out for you?

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