Obamacare rates could rise to an average of 45% in Florida

The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation says Obamacare rates could rise to an average of 45% in the Sunshine State.

The news comes as major insurers around the country have pulled out of the market amid dismal profits and growing uncertainty under President Trump’s administration.

All six insurers requested large double-digit rate hikes.

The lowest increase went to Florida Health Care Plan Inc. with 26.5 percent and the highest — 71 percent — went to Molina Healthcare of Florida, Inc., according to data from state insurance officials.

Here are the facts.
Obamacare has created higher healthcare cost.
Obamacare has created a monopoly. Health insurance companies make a profit, but not underneath the Obamacare section. So that means fewer providers.

Premiums have gone up as wll as deductibles/

There are roughly 35 health care companies in the US. YET, the choices for consumers have gone down to just 6 providers here in Fl.

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