POLLS: Jacksonville City Council, Removing Confederates Monuments, Jaguars Kneeling Controversy.

University of North Florida just released several polls dealing with the Jacksonville Jaguars kneeling controversy and how well the city Council is doing among Jacksonville citizens.

Here’s the breakdown:

Jacksonville Jaguars kneeling during the national anthem.

509 Duval County voters were surveyed, and most said the protests had no influence over whether they planned to watch or go to NFL games.

50 % said they would continue to watch the televised games despite the protests.

53% said it had no bearing on whether they would go see a game in person.

Among Democrats and Republicans the number were split among party lines.

63 % Republicans, said they were less likely to watch, and 57 percent said they were less likely to attend games.

Majority of Democrats said they were more likely to watch or attend NFL games than the other way around.

Removing Confederate Monuments:

83% Republican voters oppose removing the statues.

56% Democrats said they want the statues moved.

On Mayor Lenny Curry’s job as Mayor:

69% of voters approve of the job he’s doing.

Even Jacksonville City Council has high approval number

50% of voters approve of the Jacksonville City Council and only 26% disapprove.

Sheriff Mike William’s approval rate is 67%

40% of Jacksonville residents says crime as the most important problem facing the city. And 65% say the city council is not doing enough to reduce homelessness.

State Attorney Melissa Nelson shows a 55% job approval.

Public Defender Charlie Cofer has only 36 % approval and 14 percent disapproval rate. 50 % of the voters didn’t offer an opinion.

On issues facing the city:

40% of Jacksonville residents says crime as the most important problem facing the city.
Homeless population in Jacksonville.

65% of voters in Duval County believe the city is doing too little to reduce homelessness

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