Removing Confederate Monuments, This Time In St. Augustine


A Civil War memorial that commemorates an area soldier who served and died in the Confederate Army is now front and center in a debate for it to be removed.

The monument isn’t really doesn’t say anything about the Confederacy, but lists names of those who died in the Civil War.

Why target the city of St. Augustine? Nobody knows.

But the Rev. Ron Rawls, of the St. Paul AME Church, says he wanted to get the dialogue started for removing the memorial. But the Rev. wasn’t specific on his reasons why he wanted to have the memorial removed.

City Manager John Regan says, “This monument is very specific — a memorial to fallen soldiers.”
Regan also said, “I don’t think the answer for us to improve the social condition in St. Augustine is to remove (the memorial) it.”

And he may be just be correct.

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