Should Local Republican Clubs Take A Postition On Gender Neutral Bathrooms??

Bill Korach, chairman of the St. Johns County Republican Party says he and his Republican club have taken an open position and opposed Transgender students from using the opposite bathrooms

The story boils around 16-year-old Drew Adams who attends Nease High School in St. Augustine.
Adams born a girl, is masquerading around as a boy. Adams is suing the St. Johns County school district because the district says the sex you were born with is the bathroom you use. Or, you can use the gender-neutral bathroom.
Adams says that is discrimination and so is suing the School District.

Korach told the Ed Dean Radio Show/WBOB that Adams is confused.

But the question is, should and or, “are” local Republican clubs taking a position on this issue?

Several Republican clubs are staying away from this topic.

When the Human Rights Ordinance (HRO)was being debated in Jacksonville, I invited many leaders in the Duval County Republican Party to come on, just to debate and give analysis on this issue.

I got NO TAKERS!!!

Whether you agree with Korach and the St. Johns Republican party on their stance, I give him high marks for at least taking a position a I’m not saying you have to agree with their view, but at least engaging others in the conversation is what is needed today.

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