Southern Poverty Law Center says there are active hate groups in Jacksonville.

Liberal groups are taking advantage of the clash in Charlottesville VA last week to either increase their publicity or use the tragedy as a way of fundraising. One of those groups is the very liberal, Southern Poverty Law Center (SPL).

According to their latest report, there are 917 hate groups operating in the United States, with 63 hate groups active in Florida and 5 known hate groups here in Jacksonville.

Here is the list of the 5 “active” groups in Duval County by the SPL.

Southern National Congress (Neo-Confederate)
League of the South (Neo-Confederate, League of the South)
Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan (Ku Klux Klan)
New Black Panther Party (Black Separatist, New Black Panther Party)
ACT for America (Anti-Muslim)

Now, some of these groups I have heard of, but the others, I have no clue about.

The Southern Poverty Law Center prides itself on monitoring hate groups. Just one problem, some of the people/groups the SPL describe as “hatemongers” have actually been legitimate conservatives.
Here’s a few that have made the “hate group” list.

In 2009, the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) made the list. This group is a mainstream organization that sheds light on taxpayer abuse of exposing the high cost of giving government benefits to illegal aliens.

In 2010, the SPL listed the Family Research Council (FRC) as a hate group because the family based organization opposes same sex marriage and other LGBT issues.

In 2014, the SPLC added Ben Carson to its “extremist” watch list, stating that Carson’s association with certain groups and hid views on gay marriages made him “Extreme.”

Nazi or KKK groups, YES, belong in the hate category because they base their hatred on race and invoke violence.
But to call pro-family based organizations or others looking out for taxpayers a hate group, is way over the top.

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