Toll roads coming to Jacksonville

Drivers who travel from the Westside to Orange Park should be prepared to purchase a SunPass by the start of 2018.
When it’s complete, there will be tolls along State Road 23 from New World Avenue in Duval County to Blanding Boulevard in Clay County.
There will be five tolls along the route, starting at 20 cents. The tolls could cost as much as $2.55 depending on the vehicle.
Florida Department of Transportation said the money from the tolls will be used to repay The Florida Turnpike Enterprise what was borrowed to build the expressway and to maintain the roadway.
Before we put up tolls to tax more people, I just have a simple question.
For years as a reporter I have always asked this question. When it comes to road funding, we have had a local option gas tax. Couties and cities have maxed out how much they can raise the gasoline tax. We have transportation fees/transportation impact fees. We have money from general revunue fund to also pay for road cost. Every several years, Congresss passes huge trasportation budgets for citites infrastructure and in 2009-2011 we had a trillion dollars of stimulus money.
Yet I’m told with all of this amount of money that has been spent, WE DONT HAVE ENOUGH, so now toll roads have to be put up in order to pay for the current infrastructures. Before you ask me for more money, please tell me what you did we the previous amount.
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