Will the Jacksonville Jaguars be “financially punished” by the Florida Legislature???

Local tickets owners and football fans have shown major displeasure with the Jacksonville Jaguars last week, where members of the football team kneeled down in opposition during the playing of the national anthem.

People calling into the Ed Dean Radio Show and other outlets have called for ticket season holders to call up the Jaguars head office and demand a refund. Others have burned in protest Jaguars jerseys and others are calling for an outright boycott of companies that sell Jaguar items and do business with the football team.

But things politically may get a little hot for the football team, in terms of financial incentives.

Two new pieces of legislation have been introduced this week in the Florida Senate.
One bill would prohibit professional sports franchises like the Jacksonville Jaquars from building or renovating stadiums on publicly owned land.

Another bill would repeal a 2014 law that created a stadium-funding program that makes available a potential $13 million a year for stadium work like those at EverBank Field in Jacksonville.

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