A Trip Home

A security guard receiving a gift

There’s seriously no place like home. Imagine not being able to go home and not being able to see your family for 5 years! That’s what James has been going through.

He is a security guard at a college where he works nights. No matter what time of night it is, James always makes it a priority to greet all of the students with a smile! He’s been working at the school for several years, but is originally from Nigeria. He’s actually saving up to go back home, but it has taken him a bit longer than he was planning since everything is so expensive.

A few students at the college started a GoFundMe for James so he could go home and visit his family. At first they were just trying to raise money for his plane ticket, but the money kept coming in! Then they decided we’ll use the money for his whole trip, a place to stay, a rental car, food, etc. And still, the money KEPT coming in!

The college students were able to raise over $30,000 for James! When they presented him with the check, they said, “You’re a part of our family. You always take care of us and we wanted to take care of you.”

You can watch the full video and how James responded below: