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A little kid on top of their dad's shoulders

Creative Dad Stories

Father’s Day is on Sunday, so we remember the things dad did to keep us in line… and entertained! After

The Ed Dean Show

Quick takes with Ed & Roger

Duval County Supervisor of Elections Jerry Holland joined Ed and Roger to talk about the process of keeping the voter

A disco ball hanging from the ceiling

Bring these words Back

Are you sick of the “trending” slang words that are being used right now? What if we brought some of

A hurricane

Tax Free Hurricane Supplies

It’s hurricane season! We can joke about all of the snacks we’re going to put into our Hurricane Prep kit

A student and teacher standing by eachother. The teacher is holding up a sign that says "Do you want to share my Liver

We love our teachers!

We often talk about how special our teachers are… none more so than Carissa. Carissa is a pre-school teacher who

House Hold Chores

Here we are entering summer and we realize… that gym membership hasn’t been used since February and we have to

Someone wiping down counters with cleaning supplies

Mom Was Right

All mothers, whether they realize it or not, teach their kids the importance of cleanliness. Cleanliness is next to Godliness!

The Ed Dean Show

Quick takes with Ed & Roger

News reports on illegal immigration indicate significant numbers of people crossing the US-Mexico border are no longer only from Latin

An American Flag in the ground

Memorial Day Weekend Sale

Did you know Memorial Day Weekend is a great time to buy stuff?! It’s kind of like a summertime Black

Someone pointing a remote control at the tv

Clever Parenting Hacks

A few days ago, some listeners chimed in and shared Parenting Hacks that have made life as a parent so

The Ed Dean Show

Quick takes with Ed & Roger

Ed played a clip from Adam Guillette, the President of Accuracy in Media, who interviewed students at UC Berkeley on

The castle at Disney World

Memorial Weekend Traffic

Memorial Day officially kicks off the summer travel season. That’s THIS WEEKEND! That means there will be more people on

The Ed Dean Show

Quick takes with Ed & Roger

Mayhem broke out at a late-night congressional hearing between Congresswomen Marjorie Taylor Greene, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Jasmine Crockett.  Tell your

Former President, Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter Update

Jimmy Carter’s grandson says the former President’s life is “Coming to an end” after spending more than a year in

The Ed Dean Show

Quick takes with Ed & Roger

Jacksonville City councilman Roy Diamond broke the news on the Jaguars stadium renovation deal. Tell your friends who weren’t listening,

A large group meeting in an office space

Boomer Lingo

Do you want to sound a bit more educated and mature in your next office meeting? How about throwing in

A mom holding her son on the beach

Mother’s Day Ideas

Mother’s Day is Sunday! Maybe you forgot or maybe you’ve been super busy, either way, here are few last second

A grocery store aisle

Grocery Store Hopping

Have you heard of “Grocery Store Hopping”? It’s when you hop around to different grocery stores (like the name implies)

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