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The Ed Dean Show

Quick takes with Ed & Roger

A caller to the show expresses concern that polarizing political rhetoric creates a climate that encourages unstable people to do

The Ed Dean Show

Quick takes with Ed & Roger

David Williams, President of The Taxpayers Protection Alliance joined Ed to review some of the points of the Project 2025

Two Mystery Flavor Airheads

Mystery Flavor Revealed

Do you remember eating Airheads? Specifically, the Mystery Flavored Airhead? It came in the white package and had a bunch

An older ,lady on a lobster boat

The Lobster Lady

Maybe you’re starting to plan your retirement, or you’re wondering how you’ll ever be able to retire… either way, The

The Ed Dean Show

Quick takes with Ed & Roger

Ed Dean compares the recent revelation of President Biden’s apparent age-related mental decline to Milli Vanilli. Tell your friends who

A chicken walking around in a field.

Smart Chicken

If you had to guess how smart a chicken is, chances are you’d say not very smart. In most cases

A map of Jacksonville Florida showing where the fireworks will be.

4th of July Fireworks

Jacksonville is a sprawled out, and so are the fireworks for the 4th of July. They’re all over the city!

Fireworks going off in the sky

4th of July Sales

You can grab some great deals during 4th of July! Here’s some things that are worth checking out during the

A dog looking up at the camera

Rescue Dog Contest

You know how much we love dogs here, ESPECIALLY Rescue Dogs! Here’s one more way we can celebrate them! Right

An older lady smiling big wearing a Graduation Cap and Gown

Never Too Late

Do you need a little bit of inspiration as you sign up for classes this Fall? Here’s Ginger, she is

Jacksonville Florida City Sky Line

Worst Vacation Spot

Well, we did it! We’re Number 1! But not for anything we want to be… Jacksonville has been ranked the

The Ed Dean Show

Quick takes with Ed & Roger

Ed chatted with Michael O’Neill of the Landmark Legal Foundation. Mike is following a Supreme Court case that could open

The mascot for Monopoly

Jacksonville Monopoly

Everyone knows Monopoly… just not everyone loves it.. Well you will now, if you live in Jacksonville! They are making

A woman holding a new born baby in a hospital

Surprise Birth

I have never heard of anything like this! A woman was enjoying the glorious riches of a Golden Corral Buffet,

A little kid on top of their dad's shoulders

Creative Dad Stories

Father’s Day is on Sunday, so we remember the things dad did to keep us in line… and entertained! After

The Ed Dean Show

Quick takes with Ed & Roger

Duval County Supervisor of Elections Jerry Holland joined Ed and Roger to talk about the process of keeping the voter

A disco ball hanging from the ceiling

Bring these words Back

Are you sick of the “trending” slang words that are being used right now? What if we brought some of

A hurricane

Tax Free Hurricane Supplies

It’s hurricane season! We can joke about all of the snacks we’re going to put into our Hurricane Prep kit

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