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Trash piled on top of each other

Throwing Money Away

We’ve all felt this way, haven’t we? Like we’re just throwing our money away. Did you know there’s a company

Little girl at a lemonade stand holding lemondade

Lemonade Stand

Seven year old Emouree lost her young mother unexpectedly. Her mother was her whole world. She is now living with

The Ed Dean Show

Quick takes with Ed & Roger

New data is showing Generation Z doesn’t want to work. Tell your friends who weren’t listening, what they’ve been missing!

Mental Health

We’ve all heard about recording artist Mandisa passing last week. No cause of death has yet been revealed, but we

The Ed Dean Show

Quick takes with Ed & Roger

Illegal Chinese immigration into America has increased 7,000% in one year. Many are coming here to work in the black-market

The Ed Dean Show

Quick takes with Ed & Roger

The Donald Trump case surrounding alleged hush money to adult actress Stormy Daniels began. Ed thinks the case is weak.

Someone praying cleaning spray on a table and is wiping it off

Cleaning Habits

Spring cleaning is in full effect! So let’s talk cleanliness! If you’re cleaning your house three times a week, you’re

magic erasers

Google’s Magic Eraser

Do you ever take “The perfect picture” only to have someone obstructing the back ground? Google’s Magic Eraser fixed that

The Ed Dean Show

Quick takes with Ed & Roger

Democrats are now opposing their elected officials over illegal immigration. The Mayor of Chicago says he welcomes illegal immigrants. His

Fruits and Veggies laid out

Fruits and Veggies

As you figure out what’s for lunch today, you may want to add in some fruits and veggies! We’ve heard

A dog on a leash

When Walking Your Dog

You know how you take your dog for a walk… and they don’t walk. They find a spot and they

The Ed Dean Show

Quick takes with Ed & Roger

Around a dozen public schools in Jacksonville are being considered for closure due to declining enrollment.  More parents are sending

The Ed Dean Show

Quick takes with Ed & Roger

Ed took a call from Lisa. Lisa said she was lied to about the constitutional amendment petition on abortion. Tell

A pile of money

Unclaimed Refunds

Need some extra cash? Talk to the IRS! The IRS says it’s holding onto a hundred thousand unclaimed refunds from

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