Sorority Sisters Save Family

Several girls standing by a car that is submerged under the lake.

Five young ladies, who happen to be sorority sisters from the University of Georgia were headed to Savannah for a girls’ weekend when they came across a road accident. They said, “A white SUV left the roadway and rolled over into the creek.”

The girls quickly turned around, went to the crash site and without hesitation, jumped into the water and pulled the driver and two children out of the vehicle!

Cori, the mother who crashed into the creek with her two kids said she lost control of her car in the rainy weather. She said, “Once the car came to a stop, and I realized I was in the water, all I was thinking is like I have to get out and get my kids out.”

The girls got her 8 year old out of the car, but her younger son was stuck underwater for several minutes. Thankfully one of them knew CPR from her days as a lifeguard and saved the boys life. She said “I didn’t have time to swim up the shore or anything, so I just sat on a tire and I laid him out on the side of the car that wasn’t under the water yet and performed CPR. Then eventually he came to and started crying and breathing. It was a really surreal experience.”