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Episode 184

New Supreme Court Term – Vax Mandate – School Board Races – Human Infrastructure Bill – Trump vs. DeSantis ’24 – Nikki Fried

Episode 183

Arizona Presidential election recount – Texas abortion law

Episode 182

Law enforcement

Episode 181

Afghanistan review

Episode 180

Court…dress to impress – Executive orders – Polls – The Afghanistan pullout

Episode 179

Cannabis, gambling and other sin taxes – Infrastructure spending

Episode 178

National Stop The Steal Webinar – Police Safety – Afghanistan

Episode 177

Covid 2.0

Episode 176

Are Delta Variant statistics overstated? – Mandatory vaccines

Episode 175

Casino in Jacksonville – Infrastructure

Episode 174

Jacksonville city budget – Crime

Episode 173

Drug testing – Federal unemployment compensation ends – Politics of crime

Episode 172

What to do when unhappy with elected officials – Partisan elections – Economy and manufacturing

Episode 171

Polls on crime – online gaming – building code changes after Surfside – redistricting

Episode 170

School Choice

Episode 169

Obamacare upheld by the US Supreme Court

Episode 168

Border crisis – Conservation Conservatives – President Desantis?

Episode 167

Social Media and Censorship

Episode 166

Economy – State Budget – School Name Changes – Emerald Trail and Downtown revitalization

Episode 165

Trump grand jury and possible criminal charges in New York – Stop the steal

Episode 164

Arts education to children and transgender activism – Covid relief – Tim Tebow – White privilege

Episode 163

Colonial Pipeline – Never Trumpers threaten to start a new party – Moving on from January 6 – Media bias

Episode 162

April employment gains disappointing – New Florida voter law

Episode 161

Charlie Crist running for Governor – Trump’s new platform – Social media to be fined from censorship – Confederate Monuments

Episode 160

The future of online school now that families have experienced it.

Episode 159

Vaccine declines – How does Covid19 help or hurt politically

Episode 158

Boycotts and political activism

Episode 157

Transgender sports – Issues that may impact the 2022 midterm elections

Episode 156

Cruise ship industry vs. Florida fishermen

Episode 155

Georgia Election Law and Boycotts


Litigation protection against Covid-19 related lawsuits.

Episode 153

Undocumented Immigration – Codid19 Passports

Episode 152

All things Covid-19

Episode 151

Possible changes to election laws

Episode 150

Electric Cars…not a liberal vs. conservative thing

Episode 149

Cancel Culture

Episode 148

Blue collar workers trend toward GOP – 2022 midterms – coming back from covid

Episode 147

Biden and Gun rights – Trump and criminal prosecution – Special 1-6 Riots commission

Episode 146

Voting irregularities

Episode 145

Packing the courts – Wills Dems destroy their momentum – Private prisons

Episode 144

NRA bankruptcy

Episode 143

Elected officials face the cancel culture for opposing the electoral college results

Episode 142

Special investigation into the 2019 election – First time gun sales are up

Episode 141

Gender no longer recognized in congress – How much stimulus is the right amount- Hunter Biden

Episode 140

Lot J – New Christmas stimulus – Trump and the 2024 election

Episode 139

Texas, Florida and 17 other states tell Biden swing states, see you in court.

Episode 138

Could Presidential election anger be affecting the Georgia Senate runoffs and other reality check-points.

Episode 137

Post-election irregularities review

Episode 136

Election challenges nearing the end.

Episode 135

Moving to Georgia just to effect the vote. Voter fraud

Episode 134

Election 2020 too close to call part 2

Episode 133

Election 2020 too close to call part 1


Election 2020 scenarios

Episode 131

Election 2020 – Final week or early voting.

Episode 130

Gun control advocates campaign against pro-second amendment candidates.

Episode 129

Radio awards, is news media biased, does pre-election activity hint at outcome.

Episode 128

The nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the US Supreme Court.

Episode 127

Union members support for Trump. Issues voters or team voters.

Episode 126

Ruth Ginsberg’s vacancy to be filled before Election Day. Protests that lead to violence.

Episode 125

More on ex-felon voting restoration; millionaires paying off their debts. Do severe rioting laws unfairly trap peaceful protestors?

Episode 124

Felon voting rights. Mask mandates. Lowering the voting age to 16.

Episode 123

Re-opening of the bars.

Episode 122

Veteran suicide prevention.

Episode 121
  • Russia
  • 2020 Presidential poll
  • Democrats are beating republicans in registering new voters
Episode 120

Journalism as a career.

Episode 119

Russian collusion: Investigating the investigators.

Episode 118
  • Teachers call in sick to protest schools reopening.
  • 2020 polls favor democrats winning the White House…just like in 2016.
  • Will the black vote turn out for Joe Biden?
Episode 117
  • Post Primary Election analysis.
  • The DNC Convention.

Episode 116
Media says the Trump Campaign was not spied on.
How long did it really take for Mueller to realize there was no Russian collusion?
Jeffrey Epstein

Episode 115
Open primaries, good or bad?
What offends voters?
Campaign finance.
Should Congress and the state legislature be bigger?
Episode 114 Dr. Anthony Fauci’s credibility
Joe Biden gets backlash for comparing Latino’s diversity of thought to Black diversity.
How to best improve minority student outcomes.
Episode 113 Swing voters who voted for Obama and then Trump prefer Trump over Biden.
Are polls accurate if conservatives are less likely to participate?
Are churches as politically active today as they were in the past?
Florida police union endorses Trump.
Blacks are now the number one group purchasing legal firearms.
Episode 112 Does Joe Biden excite black voters and can he win without them?
Polls say if there are second phase stay at home orders, the Presidential race is tied.
School re-openings will likely lead to lawsuits.
Episode 111 Mail-in ballot controversies.
New Fox News Polls…Trump trails.
Episode 110 Defunding police.
Is news media fair.
Police brutality.

Episode 109 US Supreme Court rules President Trump must turn over his per-presidency tax records.
Covid-19 and Florida.
Legal challenges to face-mask mandates.
Episode 108 Col. Bob Harvey, USAF Ret., joins us on a variety of national security matters.
Episode 107 Clay County Sheriff Darryl Daniels promises to deputize citizens to defend county against rioting.
The RNC Convention in question due to Covid-19 spike in Florida.
Covid-19 increases due to protestors not practicing social distancing.
Episode 106 Vandalizing statues.
Renaming the Washington Redskins
Anti-gun rights advocates might begin to label gun rights as White supremacist to halt the private ownership of guns.
Episode 105 Legendary podcaster Cat Hernandez on how the Me Too Movement has affected corporate culture.
How has new LGBT acceptance affected the workplace and corporate training.
Episode 104 The economy and Presidential impact.
Regulations that hurt banking and the economy.
How over regulation can lead to unethical business practices in order to stay afloat.
Episode 103 Cities calling for de-funding police also have high crime rates.
Removing Confederate monuments.
Is Donald Trump’s support among Blacks high?
Episode 102 Is Joe Biden a moderate and if so will progressives protest him at the DNC convention?
Covid10 is spiking in Florida leading some Florida cities to enact mandatory face masks.
Plausible explanations on the hike in Covid19 cases.
Episode 101 Struglife
19 and 20 year-old minority entrepreneurs talk about the struggles we all face.
The Strug-life business start-up apparent line for men, women and children.
Despite being from a single parent home, how one partner leaned on mentoring from his coaches, grandfather and uncles.
How private school education changed his life.
Episode 100 Walmart’s racial equality initiative.
Race relations in America.
Episode 99 the US Supreme court did not consider gun rights cases.
The Supreme Court rules employers cannot discriminate based on sexual orientation or gender identity.
Episode 98 Renaming military bases that currently have Confederate soldiers’ names.
How to best interact with authorities when facing legal issues.
Episode 97 Will Jacksonville host the 2020 RNC Convention?
Is the left justifying looting?
What truly motivates the protests?
What are the top issues affecting the black community?
Are protestors simply frustrated coronavirus shut-ins?
Episode 96 The Coronavirus and face-masks.
The latest on the economic impact of Covid19.
Re-opening US businesses after stay at home orders are lifted.
Episode 95 Trump goes after Twitter
Covid19: vaccine, comorbidity, statistics and stories
Episode 94 Social distancing at the beach.
Could we see mandatory face masks in Jacksonville?
Covid19 lawsuits.
Episode 93 Child climate change activist placed on a Covid19 medical panel by the mainstream media.
Congressman John Rutherford vows to fight federal Covid19 aid being used to pay down local governments’ non-coronavirus related debt.
Restaurants required to log the name and contact information of every guest.
Episode 92 Get paid more to collect unemployment than working.
Unhappy with shutdowns, with whom should you be upset?
Health and safety vs. the economy.
Episode 91 Covid19’s impact on the economy
Round-2 of stimulus checks
Stay at home orders in hindsight
Obama stimulus vs. Trump stimulus
Who gets credit for the City of Jacksonville’s $1,000 stimulus debit cards
Episode 90 Why Gen. Michael Flynn may have fallen out of favor with President Obama.
Potential lawsuits stemming from covid19
Applying for a conceal weapons permit in Florida during the covid19 stay at home order.
Voter fraud misconceptions.
Episode 89 Stay at home orders could cause job furloughs to be permanent job losses.
The downturn in the economy may lead to new business startups.
How does the current economy compare to the Great Depression.
The pros and cons of reopening schools.
Episode 88 Taxpayer funded newspapers vs. Public Broadcasting
Red tape with reopening restaurants and outdoor seating
When will Disney reopen?
Reopening sports
The Orlando tourists risk of being arrested for driving past 11pm due to curfew
Summer vacations during the Covid19 pandemic
Episode 87 City of Jacksonville Covid19 stimulus debit cards.
Mayor’s Office employee refuses to testify before a City Council committee investigating JEA.
Local newspapers.
Courts strike down the Jacksonville Human Rights Ordinance aka transgender bathroom bill.
Episode 86 Economist Jonathan Williams
Democrat controlled Virginia to reopen economy sooner than announced
Does government Coid19 stimulus hurt the economy?
Emergence of a stronger online economy
Online education proving beneficial to doubters
Episode 85 City of Jacksonville’s $160 million stimulus possible logistics problems.
Federal Covid19 aid to local and state governments used as mismanagement bailouts?
Reopening Florida.
Florida’s levels of covid19 lower than predicted.
The spread of covid19 from the NYC US epicenter.
Episode 84 If some parents choose to continue to home-school after the pandemic, will parents have too much authority?
Will increased taxes be put on hold in the wake of the economic downturn caused by covid19?
Redirecting federal corona virus aid to rescue state and local government worker pensions.
How will reopening the economy look?
Episode 83 Federal Covid19 relief to state and local governments used to bailout financial problems not related to the pandemic.
Georgia lifts safer at home order; is Florida next?
How has life changed since the shut-in?
Episode 82 The costs of Covid19.
Re-opening the Florida economy.
The DOJ might side with citizens in future lawsuits against some state/local government stay at home orders.
Covid19 aftermath predictions.
Episode 81 Stay at home orders; pros and cons
The beaches are now open
How are courts dealing with Covid 19?
Is frozen pizza now being hoarded like toilet paper?
Episode 80 Six feet of separation rules enforced by drones in Volusia County.
Have stay at home orders gone too far?
Jacksonville State of Emergency extended an additional 30 days.
Episode 79 Will Bernie Sanders’ endorsement of Joe Biden deliver support?
Is Dr. Fauci blaming himself for not recommending social distancing sooner?
Does President Trump have the authority to override state issued stay at home orders?
Episode 78 Corona-virus details that aren’t always reported with health and wellness author and coach Lillian McDermott.
Episode 77 Beach closures.
Will #SaferAtHome orders trigger lawsuits?
Purchases of non-essential products being restricted at essential stores.
Fear-based reporting of #Covid19.
Episode 76 Stay at home orders and the economy
Unemployment could reach 20 million
Nationwide shutdown vs. selected areas and selected industries
Death projections have been downgraded
Release Corrine Brown over Covid19 fears
Episode 75 Coronavirus’ economic impact.
Episode 74 Does the travel ban justify airline bailouts?
Gun and ammunition sales surge due to Coronavirus.
Government limits on public gatherings.
Media coverage of Coronavirus.
Episode 73 CoronaVirus stimulus, travel ban and bailouts.
Episode 72 The economic impact of the CoronaVirus.
Episode 71 Duval County school sales tax
JEA and the Jacksonville City Council probe
Episode 70 Biden surging
School lunch debt
Sanders and his appeal
Episode 69 Coronavirus
Problems with taxing legal marijuana and other “sin taxes.”
Episode 68 The Impact of the minority vote in 2020
Episode 67 Statewide school board term limits
Pensions vs. 401k plans
Should government officials have the right to be armed at government meetings?
Episode 66 Republicans expect double the support from African Americans for Trump in 2020 compared to 2016.
Was the Trump economy created by Obama?
Episode 65 Gerrymandering
Warren goes after Bloomberg and other highlights from the Las Vegas debate
Rutherford vs. Deegan
Trump Camp 2020
Episode 64 The Duval County school sales tax will be on the November ballot
Is PR spin used by school officials when achievement reports are given?
Episode 63 What is Democratic Socialism?
Does corporate American share part of the blame for the popularity of progressive ideals?
American colleges secretly being paid by foreign governments
Obamacare’s life expectancy
Episode 62 Real Estate Broker and talk show hostess Anita Hiles on the economy
Commercial Real Estate growth in North Florida
President Obama’s first time home-buyers programs’ impact on residential real estate
Florida’s real estate outlook
Episode 61 Democrat Congresswoman complains welfare application involves too much paperwork. Ed compares compares it government paperwork required of businesses and non-profits.
Sanctuary communities at risk of federal sanctions.
Bernie Sanders says Green New Deal will create thousands of well-paying jobs.
City Council’s investigation into JEA should end by June.
Episode 60 is the most important issue in the election healthcare?
After the impeachment trail…what’s next?
In the real winner in the Iowa caucuses Bloomberg?
An army of Democrat operates are already in Florida
Episode 59 Iowa polls say the economy is unfair. How is it unfair?
Increasing the minimum wage
Why don’t conservatives talk more about school choice>
School Choice and the black community
Episode 58 Republican vs. Democrat enthusiasm in the 2020 election
Open primaries
Poll deniers – poll accuracy
Digital vs. traditional print news media
Conservatives and government spending
Friends of the NRA event
Episode 57 Adulting classes at college
Term limits for School Board members
Elected or appointed Superintendent of Schools
JEA board resigns
JEA CEO fired with cause to be appealed
Episode 56 Democrat voters in focus group say move on from impeachment
Bernie Sanders admitts no one knows how much his proposals will cost
Healthcare costs
Episode 55 School Choice donations opposition
Homosexual conversion therapy
News media attention on government waste
Episode 54 Impeachment
Jax economy to out perform the national average
Union impact on taxpayer costs
JEA investigation handed off to the feds
Episode 53 Brian Burgess of The Capitolist
Government funding of media outlets
Conservation in Florida
Traditional vs. new media
Episode 52 Ryan Cohen on media bias
Episode 51 Impeachment
2020 political predictions
Climate change predictions that didn’t happen
transporting concealed firearms across state lines when traveling
Court appointments
Episode 50 Guest Jeanne Miller with the Jacksonville Civic Council
School Superintendent appointed or elected
Term limits fir school board members
JEA investigation
Occupational license requirements; good over excessive?

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